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Health and family life

This section of our site looks at the insurance and assurance policies you may want to consider in order to protect you and your dependants against the financial disruption caused by your critical illness or sudden death.

Term assurance policies

At their most basic these are policies where you have a fixed sum assured for a fixed period of time, e.g. £100,000 for 20 years.

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Whole of life policies

These are policies that are designed to provide life assurance for the whole of your life.

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School and university fee plans

Careful planning and good advice may help you save towards funding your child's education.

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Taxation - Divorce

Divorce is never pleasant, particularly when it can suddenly turn into disagreements about money.

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Private medical insurance

These contracts can vary from plans that will cover you for most eventualities, to popular budget plans that only come into play if the NHS fails to treat you within a given time period. Find out more.

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Life Insurance Audit

This simple calculator highlights those areas of insurance that affect most people.

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Mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) is a type of insurance product designed to ensure that an individual’s mortgage payments are covered in the event that the policyholder is unable to pay.

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